Stacked Bonded fin Heat Sink

Stacked Bonded fin Heat Sink

Stacked fin heat sink

Stacked fin heat sink is a heat sink with a special structure formed by layer upon layer and riveting of single-fins, multi-fins, and single-profile heat sink plates. This process can be combined without using any interface material, has strong versatility, unlimited volume, high strength, and can freely combine heat sinks of different widths and structures.

The upper and lower bottom plates of the stacked riveted heat sinks have a tightly closed structure to increase the heat dissipation area and form a closed channel, so it has better heat dissipation performance, electronic devices can be installed on both sides, easy to install and maintain, and has a long life time.

Through technological innovation, Youthen has know-how of the innovative process of aluminum extrusion stacking and riveting to manufacture high-power heat sink. Currently, we had a number of stacked fin heat sink production lines with mature production technology.

Stacked fin heat sink is more and more widely used for industrial automation, power & drive, medical equipment, E-mobility, instruments, testing equipment and other industries.

Stacked Bonded fin Heat Sink Application

Stacked riveted fins with a tight-fitting structure on the upper and lower bottom plates, flexible processing, can be installed on both sides of electronic devices, widely used in industrial automation, power & transmission, medical equipment, new energy transportation, instruments and testing equipment and other industries high-power equipment Of thermal solutions.

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