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Liquid Cold Plate

Liquid Cold Plate
Liquid Cold Plate

  Since electronics devices become more powerful, liquid cooling becomes much more popular as it is the most compact and high efficient method for cooling high density heat loads. It has higher heat capacity to transfer and dissipate heat loads. Liquid cold plate is more and more widely used for industrial automation, power & drive, medical equipment, E-mobility, instruments, testing equipment and other industries.

  Youthen have vary liquid cold plate solution for worldwide customers, we have capacity from thermal simulation to final cold plate production.

Liquid Cold Plate Application

 Youthen Metal Technology is committed to providing global customers with one-stop heat dissipation solutions from thermal simulation, mechanical design optimization, production, testing and quality improvement, and customer after-sales service.
  In order to better serve customers, Youthen Metal Technology is equipped with the latest production equipment, thermal testing center, and has a complete industrial chain from aluminum extrusion factory, stamping mold room, anodizing factory, spraying silk screen factory to final assembly. Over the years, relying on market-leading technology and services, we have maintained cooperation with world-renowned companies.

  Youthen Metal Technology mainly support industrial automation, power and transmission, new energy and LED lighting, communications, medical equipment, electric vehicles and transportation, storage and cloud computing, high-end consumer electronics and other markets.
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