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Youthen successful participation in the exhibition of SEMICON China dated on June 27-29th, 2020

2020-05-13 20:14:50

The world’s largest semiconductor annual event SEMICON® CHINA|FPDCHINA will open at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 27-29, 2020. The two series of liquid-cooled plates and heat sinks developed and produced by Hansheng Metal Products will be sponsored and synchronized throughout the process Participated in the China International Semiconductor Technology Conference (CSTIC).


Since SEMICON China was first held in Shanghai in 1988, it has become one of China's premier semiconductor industry events, including major equipment and material manufacturers in the semiconductor manufacturing field in the world today. SEMI is a non-profit international industry association serving integrated circuit manufacturing, flat panel displays, nanotechnology, micro-electrical systems (MEMS), solar photovoltaics and related technology industries. It has representatives in major microelectronics and display production areas around the world Department, and regularly organize projects and activities. Those who can sponsor and participate in the SEMI conference are leading companies in the industry supporting industry chain.


Dongguan Hansheng Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing global customers with one-stop cooling solutions from thermal simulation, mechanical design optimization, production, testing and quality improvement, and customer after-sales service. In order to better serve customers, Hansheng Metal Products is equipped with the latest production equipment and thermal testing center, and has established a complete industrial chain from aluminum extrusion factory, stamping mold room, anodizing factory, spraying and silk screen factory to final assembly. Over the years, relying on market-leading technology and services, we have maintained cooperation with world-renowned companies. The two series of liquid cold plates and heat sinks developed and produced by Hansheng Metal Technology Products are mainly supporting industrial automation, power and transmission, new energy and LED lighting, communications, medical equipment, electric vehicles and transportation, storage and cloud computing, high-end consumer electronics And other market cooling solutions.