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Application of Youthen’s cold plate and heat sink in medical and healthcare industry

2022-11-01 10:48:46

Youthen Metal: Our cold plate and high-power heat sink have been applied to the high-end equipment in the medical and healthcare industry, such as CT/MR, ventilator and other medical equipment power amplifier, control unit IC, etc., which provide a good working environment for the precision and stable working of the equipment. 

With the development of science and technology, more and more advanced modern high-end medical equipment is being used in clinical practice. Some advanced, precision and sophisticated equipment is with high-cost and strict requirements for power supply systems, such as CT/MR, respirators and other advanced medical instruments; Moreover, CT/MR and NMR equipment have large impulse current and electromagnetism at the moment of starting, which put forward specific requirements for specific configuration power of equipment. Besides, these equipments are usually in working condition for a long time, the normal working temperature of the equipment is the key issue to ensure the stability working of the equipment.


Product name: cold plate 

Equipment used: CT/MR and other medical equipment power amplifier

Cold plate is independently developed by Youthen Metal and used for power amplifier of high-end medical equipment such as CT/MR and ventilator, which has passed multi-channel efficient liquid cooling, good machining process and strict reliability test to ensure the long-term efficient and stable operation of the power system.


At present, Youthen’s cold plate and high-power heat sink have been supplied in large quantities to the internationally advanced high-end medical equipment, such as CT/MR/MRI equipment power amplifier cooling modules.


Product name: high-power heat sink 

Equipment used: CT/MR, ventilator and other medical equipment power amplifier

The high-power heat sink is a larger heat sink made of aluminum extrusion profile and CNC precision processing by Youthen Metal, also with FSW (friction stir welding) and other processes, it can provide customers with large-size/high-power thermal solutions.


The heat dissipation system used in the ventilator power amplifier is the aluminum profile heat sink made of aluminum extrusion and CNC processing by Youthen Metal, which is widely used in medical equipment and testing instruments.


Product name: Uniform temperature plate for medical testing/laboratory analysis, Heat sink 

Equipment used: PCR testing, medical testing


The nucleic acid test apparatus is shown as picture


Product name: Support, bottom plate, panel of medical testing equipment

Equipment used: Medical experiments, testing

Youthen Metal founded in 2008, which focuses in the deep customization research and development of cold plates, heat sinks and thermal systems solution strongly supported from our R & D simulation team with the production type of varying in high mixture low volume. Youthen Metal always keeps constantly improving and jointly developing with customers. The R & D and production of one-stop-shop thermal solutions such as cold plates, heat sink, customized thermal system are widely used in industrial automation, new energy transportation, medical equipment, tel-communication equipment and other mainstream markets.