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CNC machining real-time management system "LightMES Digital Factory Project" has been qual

2021-05-19 09:27:11

After half a year of trial operation and system integration,  the "LightMES Digital Factory Project" for CNC workshop in Youthen Metal acceptance qualified, formal enabling intelligent digital management of intelligent factory, a good start for Youthen Metal's "Industry 4.0" development project.



Through the patented LOT intelligent hardware, the project real-time samples the running state of the CNC machines and on-line real time sends data to the backstage, and then distributed to APP and workshop real-time Kanban (the monitor in the workshop), which is conducive to the control of production efficiency, accurate control of delivery time, and the link between output and performance for operators.



Youthen Metal is a professional developer and manufacturer of Liquid cold plate, heatsink and heat pipe thermal system, board-level heatsink, housing, front panel and machined metal parts, a one-stop-shop thermal solution partner worldwide.

CNC数控加工实时管理系统 全貌.jpg


Over the years, Youthen Metal Products has been to the requirements of high efficiency and high quality deep cultivation of liquid cooling plate, heat sink, thermal solutions and housing, panels, machined parts design, development and production. By integrated digital management, Youthen Metal has grown into a standardized and systematic modern enterprise. The company has established the service ability of one-stop-shop thermal solution to achieve sustainable operation in the global scope.