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Only 10 months after started mass production, youthen Coating production capacity ushered in large e

2021-07-11 16:47:21

Only 10 months after started mass production, Youthen Coating Technology Co., Ltd has reached his design capacity. To better serve customers, a new round of capacity expansion started.


Based on the first phase production lines of 10,000 level clean spray room, 100,000 level of clean room for the whole workshop, up to 315 meters oven-dry line which is the longest in this industry, automatic & reciprocating spray-painting lines, each of automatic and manual powder coating line, we increased the new workshop area of 1200 square meters, expand the powder coating and the silk screen printing, pad screen capacity. Built up another new good foundation for better serve customers since May 2021.


Since its grand opening in April 2020, Youthen Coating has not only met the production tasks from Youthen Metal in new energy vehicle liquid cooling plates, high-quality panels, housing and embedded computing equipment heat sinks, but also kept developing new customers. The orders of painting, powder coating and high-end printing have kept on coming. Telecom and other 3C product Cover and housing, mechanical and electrical equipment bracket, electric scooters and other orders achieved the design capacity of Youthen Coating in a very short time.


By the continuous improvement and integration of the supply chain, Youthen Metal welcomes new development projects and mass production orders from customers. We are sharing the experience of our service, technology and quality system we worked for world-class customers for many years with you, to maintain long-term cooperation with you and develop the bright future together, to serve our customers with one-stop-shop thermal and hardware solutions!