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SAP helps the liquid cold plate cooling system produced by Youthen Metal Technology to comprehensive

2022-05-23 16:31:26


Since its establishment in 2008, Youthen Metal Technology Co., Ltd. has been a R&D and production enterprise with deep customization of liquid cooling plates, heat sinks and thermal systems with the service feature of high mixture & low volume, continuous improvement and long-term cooperation with customers.

 While focusing on cooperating with customers in research and development, it also brought great challenges to the company's production and operation. A simple Buying-selling-inventory management systems and MRP system had been used as soon as the company established. With the growing-up of Youthen, upgraded it to ERP system to help the company's daily operations and serve customers with high quality and efficiency.

The main markets and customers of one-stop-shop thermal solutions such as liquid cooling plates, heat sinks, high-power heat sinks, and customized thermal systems which developed and produced by Youthen Metal are in Europe, especially in German-speaking countries. The products are widely used in industrial automation, new energy transportation, medical equipment, communication equipment and other mainstream markets. Through the long-term cooperation with customers, Youthen Metal are deeply impressed and have been benefited a lot by the refined management of German companies and the precision and Rigorous of the ERP system they are using.

After in-depth communication with Dongguan Decheng Software Technology Co., Ltd. (DCS), the excellent partner of SAP China, Youthen Metal selected SAP Business One (SAP B1) to integrate real-time financial operations with other businesses such as purchasing and sales, allowing businesses to speed up transactions to improve the visibility of cash flow.

 Combined with the advantages of SAP products and the in-depth extensible feature of the SAP platform, DCS developed 6 more plug-in module including manufacturing solutions, supplier platforms, warehouse/workshop barcode solutions into SAP B1. With the actual operation experience of Youthen Metal in thermal products industry, in cooperation with DCS's expert consultant team which more than 15 years of experience in the ERP software industry, Youthen Metal's next generation of ERP system now officially upgraded and on-line in May 2022 and fully serves the company's operation. At the same time, through the supplier platform system, a more efficient and clear real-time digital communication platform has been established between our partners and Youthen to jointly achieve lean production and serve customers!


To create value for customers with professional quality and service has always been the mission of Youthen Metal. Youthen Metal has been trying our best to do so!