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Youthen Metal introduces UV digital printing to improve the printing quality of front panel and hous

2022-08-18 09:28:00

Youthen Metal introduces UV digital printing to replace traditional silkscreen printing and pad printing, improving the printing quality for front panel and housing.


UV digital printing refers to that using special UV ink realizes partial or overall UV printing effect on UV printer, which quite matches with the printing of non-dry absorbent materials, such as high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy, stainless steel, steel painting/ powder coating surface, used for Youthen’s products like panel and housings.

UV ink is green and environmental-friendly with instant curing, free of volatile organic solvent VOC. Its advantages are less pollution, high efficiency, and low energy consumption, etc. UV printing uses UV ink to achieve instant drying by UV light. .


Meanwhile, UV digital printing can take advantage of various output software, available for many kinds of file formats. Whether it is a simple block color pattern, a full-color pattern or a pattern with excessive color, it can be printed at one time, without the need for plate making, printing and repeated color registration, and it can be dried immediately after being printed. UV flat-panel printer can also print embossed 3D effects, and will be waterproof, sunscreen, scratch resistant, high color reproduction, and long durability.


UV digital printer



Through Youthen Metal’s precision machining and decoration of visible surface, combined with anodizing and painting/ powder coating, UV digital printing provides one-stop solutions of high-quality panel, housing and embedded cooling system for the customers.